Where I’ve just been, lives a celebrity hairdresser to the Nordic stars who trains for Vidal Sassoon.  

I started growing my very fine hair two years ago as she told me she needed more to work with in order to give me a cut. I started to like my whispey longer hair – difficult to shape but at least it looked more feminine. And he who shall not be named was the first man ever to love it.

I didn’t tell her I was coming as I wasn’t sure I could go through what I knew would be a drastic cut when he liked it as it was. But when it came to it, she did find time for me, and so it was that I stood on the patio overlooking the sea with tears of anticipation and anxiety in my eyes as she cut my hair.

Listen, she says,, I’m your friend right and I say this with love. Your hair is too fine to be this long –  it becomes transparent. We need to work with the shape of your hair as it is. “But he likes it”! The anguish bursting forth from me. The two ladies, my friend and my new hairdresser friend laughed and laughed. 

The result is amazing. It is short but gives the illusion of some length at the front by two pieces which come round and actually give me cheekbones. It looks, as one friend described it, almost gamine. I felt pretty and more confident than ever. 

More than anything I have done over the last three week period this helped me throw him off. Like a snake sloughing an old skin my new haircut makes me feel new.


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