I believe that our experience of life is hugely impacted by who we are being. That might be unhappy, sad, anxious, jaundiced, controlled, angry or joyful, loving, happy, confident, empathetic. 

I am just astounded by what a breakthrough in “being” has allowed to show up for me over the last week or so: the people, the opportunities. 

Here’s just one example but I have lots: What seems a lifetime ago, but in fact was only a couple of months, I went up to Scotland to my honorary niece’s 18th. On the plane thanks to my daughter’s intervention, I got chatting to the man in the next seat. We had similar grateful outlooks on life – he uses the word awesome a lot – you get the picture. In an hour we had bonded and looked at some business we might do together. 

Last night he invited me to a little networking do at the oxo tower  

I was excited at the prospect of meeting completely new people not from my industry. I had a chat with a lovely man in wind turbines and then was talking for a very long time to a man who specialises in training people in networking skills. He turned out to know the futurologist who presented to us at work, and will introduce me to 2 people who will get me into women’s networks in the city and help me out with our women’s networking event. I picked up 2 or 3 interesting tips as well.

I briefly chatted to the man from the plane and mentioned I’d had my heart broken since we met last. He said that I was one of life”s shiny people; that he recognised I was fishing in a small pond in terms of men who could deal with me but they were out there. He said I needed to know I was a gorgeous, gorgeous woman. 

I’ve booked the lecture at Oxford this weekend. Apparently around 80 of us will be there. It’s an overnight with dinner. I never would have thought of doing something like that before and if I had thought of it I would not have had the courage to do it. Now I’m just utterly excited.

I know I am doing a huge amount which I’ve never done before and that in itself has the power to transform but it’s chicken and egg. Without the transformation in the area of who I am being in terms of the level of confidence, love, compassion I feel emanating effortlessly from me I would be too scared to “do” and when I did, it would be terrifying as opposed to inspiring. 


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