Today was another sad day but I took another step closer to completion. I spoke to “him” again this morning – it started as work related and then we had a bigger conversation than we had the previous day about where he is in his head and with his marriage. It was hurtful but I needed to hear it.

One thing he did say which was incredibly helpful. He told me that he had so much respect for what I had caused. He said I had turned a simple trade show into a celebration of the industry we work in – and that is why visitor registrations are so high this year – more than 50% up in fact.

I suddenly got insight again into who I am and what I can cause.  I’ve turned one business around, re-invigorated another – and created some focus and excitement for the whole industry. I’ve got a productive, brilliant, supportive and happy team at work. I’m well known and loved by many people.

All this – he acknowledged was problematic for him as a man.  He prefers a woman who is smaller than him. His ego struggled. I was struck by the dissimilarities between the adventurous life I’ve led with it’s peaks and troughs, it’s breadth and excitement and his – where he has stayed all his life in one place and is happy there. It’s a small piece of insight into our probable lack of suitability. It all helps.  He feels a long way from me now.


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