Summer holidays for the child are 3 days away now… I’ve got most of the childcare sorted – all but about 8 days – which might sound like a lot but considering the almost 7 weeks there is to cover (more than all my leave for the year put together) is not as bad as it could be. 

Tomorrow I’m not quite sure how to pick my child up at 6 , do the site visit I’ve got planned which finishes at 430, return the courtesy car and pick my own up from the garage.

Our two week epic trip to italy is not completely booked yet – but takes place four weeks today . I don’t have   anyone to feed the cat yet. 

All these small details are the stuff of normality for a single parent who works full time. The plethora of detail covering home, childcare, personal life, home admin all of which falls to me makes me feel like I’m constantly on the run. But I love it that way.

And all this detail will get sorted. Mainly because of the big network of people I know (though not the school gate kind who come in very useful I’m sure)  but also because I have a great employer/boss who knows I get the job done and does not worry about me leaving early or arriving late to deal with my personal stuff. 

I’ve given up panicking. It serves no purpose and at the end of the day sone kind of solution is always found .


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