This morning at 6.30am a text comes through – from him – with some industry gossip. My first thought was to ignore it.  I acted on the second thought which was to call.

I told him I never want to hear from him again. Not unless and until his marriage is definitively over. That I am tired of being picked up, shown love, then shut off again. Tired, sad and angry.  I told him I did not like the person he had become. A person who was planning to keep further secrets from his wife in order to keep the sad status quo in place.  He kept trying to butt in and agree with me about how much he disliked himself, how he knew he needed to start afresh with a clean conscience.  I told him it was my turn to speak. That a whole year had gone by and that I had spent enough time on him; offered him everything and did not deserve the lack of respect he has shown me.

I told him he could do what he liked in terms of continuing to work with my team (he writes and speaks for us); that if I needed to contact him for work I would, but that I did not expect I would need to. I cut him off with a “goodbye” and hung up.


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