I’ve just realised the gap between 23 June and 8 July in my blog covers the period of my perfect mini break…..

What is all that about!? Is this blog only dedicated to my obsession with a silly sausage? My life does contain more than that.. And as my dear old friend asked earlier today – I did indeed come back strengthened from that – Strengthened and happy. So if you’re a good friend of mine and worried – don’t be – each heart break is shorter than the last and this one is tied up with an awful period (sorry boys) and an overwhelming time generally.

So key aspects of the perfect mini break. Take a very old friend who likes to laugh constantly and who you feel totally relaxed with, an apartment over looking a small port in the south of France, beautiful cheap plentiful sea food, 30 degrees dry heat . Add a soupçon of misbehaviour – he is bisexual and has discovered a beach dedicated to dogging no less….( I chose not to experience this but did sit on the hinterlands of the nudist beach.)

A snifter (or several) of rose wine; the attention of a few french males; a bicycle instead of a car and the usual compliments about my perfect french.

There my friends – I give you the perfect mini break which left me with a permanent smile on my face for days and days.

Today I’m seeing my outlaws for lunch (together with my ex husband and his new girlfriend), my best friend for a party tonight then my parents  for jazz tomorrow followed by my old neighbours.

I’m so very very  glad I resisted the urge to dob him in to his wife this morning. That’s so not who I am. They can get on with it and so will I.

A blip. Just a blip.


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