Almost everyone I talked to about my situation said I would definitely meet someone more worthy of me. That it was impossible to imagine someone as fun and loved as me, being alone.

But life doesn’t always work out. In fact it can be a right pig.

When I was 4 years old I met a girl on my first day of school. She and I have always been in touch in spite of the fact we are very different.

She’s the mumsy slightly old fashioned friend who you are always afraid will disapprove of you but just loves you anyway….I fell in love with her daughters as soon as they were born and in spite of the fact they live in Scotland, so I don’t see them lots, they say I am their favourite Aunty. 

My friend’s marriage, unlike mine, has emulated her parents. He’s lovely, they are extremely well suited and as a family they are a pleasure to be around. My friend’s life is positively quiet in comparison to mine and wants nothing more than her close friends and family around her – yet her dad died shortly after her wedding and her mum shortly after the birth of her first daughter. His adoptive parents are both deceased too.

Last night she and her girls arrived with me for a week or so to sightsee and “babysit”. She almost didn’t make it because her husband’s been really unwelll to the extent that he has just been retired very early from his work. No sooner did she arrive than we were booking her a flight home as he was taken very ill again. She couldn’t eat with worry. This morning on dropping her at the airport she was very tearful.  

Her demands in life are very few – a big family to love – and I’m so sad for her. I was struck when we parted though that some friends are as good as family and if that’s the case she is certainly family to me. 


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