Hours on the phone last night. He had had too much to drink and as he put it, there’s truth in alcohol. He told me how much he thought about me, that I was an angel to him, that he tried to emulate life in the bedroom with me, with her and that it wasn’t working, that he’d probably be knocking on my door in a few days. 

I said ah, but if she asks you to keep trying you will won’t you ? Do you think so? He says. I don’t know I think I’ve had enough.

This morning I get the usual text. I need to stay away from you and work on my marriage. I will keep away from events you are at. We are going away with the kids this weekend then I am talking to her next week. 

My response : fuck you

Why??? Says he.

I really really should know better than this by now. I have no one to blame but myself. I should be worried he can’t see the problem shouldn’t i?

I have fought with my deranged mind not to email her today. As my best friend says – stop engaging and withdraw from their drama. I had successfully done that. I so wish I had not been as generous as I was yesterday though.


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