In my dream in Pisa just before I woke up two words flashed in front of me. They were Be Patient.

Patience is a virtue in short supply around me. It’s partly why I do so well – impatience with myself and those around me has led to great velocity in all my projects. It’s also my undoing. Like all winning formulae it has two sides .

Yesterday, stormy showers early on led to lots of movement in the horse riding lessons which meant hanging around the stables, watching the child groom or waiting for another horse to groom took up most of the day. There was nothing to do but wait. Staring at the sky, watching  threatening black clouds gradually give way to bright white cumulus and finally some blue. 

There are 22 of us here. All socially intelligent enough to know the right thing is to move around so that we are not in the same place for each meal. There are 6 native languages spoken but between all of us French and English work possibly because it’s  mostly the French and the English unable to speak another language. I found it amusing that the shiny, handsome, newly-married Swiss German with his perfect English switching to French and Italian at will was surprised that I was proficient in other languages. Most of those around the table are polyglots. There was a lot of laughter. These are people with kindness shining from them – only one French couple I am not too sure about – they don’t look so happy. I’m slowly making friends with the other French woman, here with her painfully shy 17 year old daughter. 

They’ve all been nagging me to take a lesson but I don’t share their passion for horses. I am however looking forward to learning to make pasta on Wednesday. Another day of waiting is ahead but I can think of worse places to learn patience.



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