It was hard saying goodbye. For Rosie to the horses and for me to the beautiful people we had spent the week with and especially to the wonderful Italian nonna. Not a word of English but happy to explain all the recipes, always pleased to see everyone and still does a lot of the heavy lifting in running the place. Good for everyone. 

 We drove the lovely couple from Santa Fe down from horse heaven to Rome. We discussed the options for lunch which were skip it, service station or come off somewhere. They were game for a detour so off we went to Orvieto. 

Umbria is in my opinion still a better tourist destination than Tuscany and it’s because of places like Orvieto which are not packed full of tourists and tatt like Sam Gimignano but instead boast a slow food market in the shade of the most beautiful cathedral 

 The most gorgeous views, folk singing buskers and enough food places at reasonable prices you definitely won’t starve. 

 I was pretty elated to get to Rome. I’ve been wanting to come to italy for years but the driving scared me too much.  I’m pleased with myself for having bitten the bullet and made it this far. We are staying at the end of the metro in a lovely apartment for £35 and unlike London it only takes 10 minutes to the centre of town where friends of ours were staying right by the Collosseum.

Rosie had particularly wanted to come to Rome so I was irritated when all she and her friend Lorcan did was play silly games and not pay any attention to the history. But I was wrong. The colloseum was after all built for games ,and they will remember playing there forever. 



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