Many years ago I visited the site of Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty’s fall to their deaths – the waterfall at Reichenbach. I was taken first by my mum and dad and then by my ex Husband 

When an Italian colleague mentioned to me that you could visit the house where inspector Montalbano lives  I was inspired but the idea of finding  my way in a car by myself in Sicily put it out of the range of possibility. 

This year, for some reason, I thought, why not?

I love this  series! You can practically  taste the Arancini, feel the dust of scrubby southern Sicily and the salt of the sea. But mostly I love the humanity of Montalbano (and of course I appreciate the beauty of the actor Lucca Zingaretti!).

We saw the office of the commissariat, the opening credits – beautiful Ragusa Ibla  

And attended a gig at Punta Secca outside his house- with, to put the hat on it, the musicians staying at our B&B. I have felt lucky and proud that I got here. 



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