Tonight we were out with a behavioural psychologist I’m very fond of and who knows all about me and Him and tells me that he tried to warn me that men with children don’t leave. He obviously didn’t slap me round the chops with it nard enough!

He’s an industry colleague who we work with a fair bit, but me and Gloves have a personal relationship with him too. He has confided, that he and his wife have struggled enormously for years, got to the grand stand “about to leave” stage but neither would actually leave the house to the other to live in. So they now continue to be not particularly happy and conduct the odd dalliance. But in the grand scheme of the difficulties of their daughter’s life long illness, this difficulty just slots in with the others. 
I said, I don’t understand! Why can’t more people do like me and the ex and move round the corner from each  other?! 

 He says. It’s the children. Always the children. Once you fall in love with them,  you want to spend as much time with them as you can and will put up with being unhappy in your marriage to do so,  That, especially as his daughter spent a year in hospital, every time he passes her bedroom door and knows she’s inside , he feels the most enormous relief and love.

But surely, says I, you could still move round the corner and see her?! More honest surely! I don’t get it!

I don’t want to have breakfast on my own, says he.


5 thoughts on “breakfast on my own

    1. Well obviously I’m with you there – all the way. I just feel however you dress it up, it’s a lack of courage and an inability to see that we have it in our power to make our lives work in whatever way we chose. That a new type of relationship can be created in communication and by bending. Well I know it’s possible because I’ve done it. I’m lucky I’ve ended up financially ok, but even without that, better to be in a bedsit than in a dishonest situation. Hard and roller coaster like as that may be!!

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      1. And you know, it makes me think that we deserve someone that feels the same way. Someone that has the courage to live a full and happy life, no matter the cost. Anyone else is unworthy of us.

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