I’ve acquired an online stalker.

He found me on linked in as he works in our profession. Then found me on Facebook, commented on an industry article I had put up, and requested a connection.

I accepted it, then started the messages.  He loves me apparently. To be with me is his one goal in life. I am breaking his heart.  This has now been going on for over three months. I answer about once a week and just say – look, this is bizarre, you have never met me.

I de-friended him because whilst there was entertainment value in some of his comments on my photos ” dear sweet girl”, “how can I be part of this cute family” “help me someone”… he is clearly unhinged.  But I have been wondering how this can be the case because to work as a professional in our field does require you to have some technical expertise, some communication skills. He lives in Dubai and is constantly asking me to visit. He’s originally from Pakistan…..

The next step is to block him entirely as I still get a daily message through Facebook – which you can do even if someone is not your friend.  I am sure I should, I am just slightly bemused by it all.


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