We took this at Longleat last year

Turn away now if you are squeamish about women’s “stuff”.

I’ve always hated any discussion about the menopause. I am going to have to transform my relationship to it away from being something which is discussed by sexless old women.

I can’t ignore the fact that once or twice a day I get so hot I have to strip down to a vest top. That sweat runs down my back. It’s coming into winter here and not that warm. Yesterday when I was removing my layers one of my team said “well you are getting to that age Beach!” What, the age where I shouldn’t have my arms out? No! THAT age. Oh. says I.

I know it must seem that I am always in a fug, but there are cycles to it.  The same two dates in the month I hit rock bottom last month, are the same two dates from this. And it’s not PMT – that comes later. Leaving me with two weeks a month where I am in a terrible stew and the rest of the month coming out of it, with a few good days in the middle. This blog, dear reader, has enabled me to work that out.

I can’t see much stuff about menopausal mood swings on the ever reliable internet, but anecdotally I know how vicious women can be when going through it.

I’m staying with a horsey friend and she was prescribed Prozac of all things, for her hot flushes – she had an awful reaction so is not continuing – but apparently they hate giving out HRT these days because of the link to breast cancer, blood clotting etc. a double whammy surely as Prozac is a famous anti depressant!

So first job this week is to go to the doctor and see if I can’t get something prescribed! I don’t even want to think about the implications for my psyche of the fact I am almost certainly perimenopausal, but the fact that this lengthy grieving process may be partially impacted by my hormones, well that does make me feel a little better. The fact that I can potentially pop a pill to help deal with it….job done! I do wonder though, what percentage of the population is now on a mood altering drug……


2 thoughts on “GROWL!!

  1. Oh this is awful.
    I was given an anti-depressant for PMS and all it did was make me more fatigued. It was awful and made things worse! I will not take those again. Why wouldn’t the docs do hormonal testing and try to even them out? It all just seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me. I’m so sorry this is happening. I have heard of some natural remedies but for the life of me I cannot remember what they called.

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