I’ve found the picking of books and films to be difficult over the last few months. No romance, no adultery, nothing too tear jerking. 

Last night one of the boys picked out Eat, Pray, Love which I’ve never seen. The premise is Julia Roberts finds herself in an unhappy marriage which does not fulfil her and goes off to Italy, India and Bali to find balance and happiness. It’s definitely the kind of film to divide the audience and when one of the boys called it predictable schmaltz I could imagine my best friend and her boyfriend saying the same. 

But I found it poignant and so very appropriate to me. In India she was told once she stopped obsessing about her relationship a huge vacuum would open up which would be filled by the universe, that she would have the capacity to love the whole world. In Bali that your soul mate came into your life to tear down your walls and shake you awake. To hold up a mirror to you and show you all the things which were holding you back in life. You weren’t meant to live with that person forever – too painful.

A charismatic Javier Bardem told her that she did not need a man, she needed a champion. That’s exactly what I would like said to me. 

Her sign off connect talked about everyone you meet on your journey to truth being a teacher – that is very much what I have felt over the last few months – from having been someone no one could contribute to, I now listen to everyone. 
It’s time to go to the beach and howl my anger away. I will let you know how it goes .


2 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love

  1. Thank you for your transparency in your journey. I read “Eat, Pray, Love” years ago and was blown away by Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey at that time. I was also very inspired by her way of spending a year to take the time to do things she loved, challenge herself deeply and to connect with her self and others. She continues to be a truly inspiring woman as she continues on her own journey.

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