In 7 years my Aussie friend  has had two more children, got a PhD, started a psychology practise, employed 10 people, got herself athletic and fit …. And divorced her husband.


She’s so inspiring. 

When I first met her she was buttoned up, miserable, repressed and catholic. Since her split from her husband she’s been like a coiled spring let loose. She’s beautiful.

We shrieked with joy to see each other 7 years after a tearful goodbye when I left Sydney for good. She had never shared her marital misery with me. I had told her lots with no reciprocation – she hadn’t been ready to acknowledge it.

We packed our day full of conversation. I love proper talking – it’s my favourite hobby.  It felt very therapeutic to talk to someone powerful who gets it all. It was a great piece of the healing puzzle.

What I learnt from her was about balance.  She could be a TV star, she could be queen of the Aussue psychology scene but sees the cost to her children and to her physical wellbeing.

My queenly ambition might be chewing up my life. 

This year feels like a blank sheet. He’s almost irrelevant now. I hope it stays that way. 




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