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It isn’t just that lots of people I know had a bad 2015, it’s the fact that for many of us it was our worst year EVER. 

Never have the 4 or 5 people I’ve spoken to about this, been as keen to start afresh in 2016. 

What a great human invention is the New Year!

Even odder, for all of us, it’s  not been about the normal New Years’ resolutions – get fit, drink more water, get a new job – but about a shift in Being. Perhaps it’s the new mindfulness trend playing in the background but I and my fellow “2015 was a wanker” friends all report more peace, gratitude and resilience since the new year started.

The Landmark Forum says “you can have anything you want for yourself and   your life if you create it as a possibility” 

This used to puzzle me. But I now see it is about a way of being – which in turn will spark changes in action. 

So there is an exercise you do to create possibility in which you get present to the impact the  complaint is having on your life. So it might be your crap marriage.. The fact that putting up with this is costing you all joy, satisfaction, love. You feel as low as you can about it…..Out of that you create a new possibility which might be, let’s say, love and connection. Living into that possibility might mean you tin your marriage or work on it. It’s a way, I suppose of creating a mini breakdown for breakthrough.

 In conversation with a good coach things can transform in an instant, a simple click. Then it’s just keeping it alive through action, commitment and systems.
Transformation occurs through breakdown. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly. 

That’s what my fellow 2015 was a wanker travellers have experienced. The worst moments have given birth to a new way of being. 

Breakdown for breakthrough.


4 thoughts on “Creating possibilities

  1. I do believe that breakdowns are a catalyst for progression, even if it feels bad at the point when they are happening. We can always find silver linings in bad happenings.
    I had a pretty difficult 2015 as well but it all led to a better life.

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    1. Yes looking for silver linings is a good habit. Sometimes when you’re really in the thick of it though it’s impossible to see them and almost inauthentic to try. I like what Jung says about just dwelling with the crap for a bit… Hope this year is great ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. “The worst moments have given birth to a new way of being.
    Breakdown for breakthrough.”
    Excellent! If I read this last year in June I’d think “What crap. Life is so unfair.” Now I know there’s no such thing as life being unfair.
    Your post speaks volumes.
    And this comes from another fellow “2015 was a wanker” person ๐Ÿ˜

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