When the two psychologists to whom I recently mentioned that I was going to have my tarot read, were hugely interested and jealous I was surprised. Where does spiritualism fit into a scientific agenda?

So for my sceptical friends, yes, I’m sorry, I am travelling quite a long way to get my future told tonight…

Those of you who have been here from the start know that 8 years ago, I had a reading in Australia when I was at a very low ebb and it gave me hope. I’m not at a low ebb any more and I am full of optimism about the future – but I am curious…. 

This woman transformed the life of a friend of mine (who I will stay with tonight) . She told her to dump the loser who was using her for the odd night of nookie and to focus on having a ball in the present, because there was someone in her future for her. She’s gone from depressed and hopeless, to shiny.

I was discussing this with another highly intelligent, geeky and atheist friend over a very good steak last night and he said that they work because they are a mirror held up by an objective outsider. And it’s always more powerful hearing things from a stranger. So when my best friends tell me I’m attractive and a great catch it’s not as credible as the woman I just met saying I’m Wonder Woman,  or the guy down the pub saying I’m a nice looking girl. 

I wonder what she will intuit about me? 


One thought on “Tarot!

  1. I heard of someone saying this and I might be rephrasing, “People say ‘I’m spiritual’ or ‘I’m not spiritual’, but in reality there’s no such thing. We’re all spirit in nature. We not human beings being or not being sprititual. We are souls (or spirit) having a human experience.”

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