The train put me in a right spin. I had no idea that it terminated in the arse end of beyond place where he lives and where I have never been. A train he also catches. I was surprised given how far I thought I was “so over it” at how much  it put me on edge. By the time I reached my tarot reader I was already in a bit of a state and close to tears.

So,  I get tension headaches have problems with my stomach and there is an old man (perhaps my grandad?) who has passed over, leaning on a garden fork saying I should eat more tomatoes. 

I don’t get headaches but I do get jaw ache from grinding my teeth. 

Ah yes it’s somewhere in the head. 

My stomach is like iron and my digestive system very robust.

Ah but the solar plexus is the seat of the emotions perhaps it’s emotional? 

One of my grandads was super intellectual and would not have known one end of a garden fork from another, and the other was in a wheelchair.

So far so much tosh. 

However she also said (with no clues) that I over processed things intellectually – was very left brain, that my recent heart break (I did tell her I had had one) was profound as it was a twin flame connection. That there was something secretive about it, that whilst he wasn’t with me any more he still loved me but that my relationship with him was not going to work out as I hoped. The envy card showed up. Once I had said he was married she said that was not me but was his wife who is envious of the connection we had. That he loves her but is not in love with her. That he will eventually leave her but it will he too late for he and I. 
She also saw my daughter, without my saying anything about her, as having her head stuck in a book and being incredibly smart and wise.

A few lucky guesses? 

I definitely gave her clues. But the smallest clue and she intuited correctly.

So the big question – was it helpful? 

Well I need to mull on that for the next few days. But there were some things she was very definitive about with no leading from me. They were extremely similar to conversations with my work coach earlier in the day.

Both of them were insistent that I needed to slow down and focus on my body and what it needs and be more present to my emotions. That I needed to get some space for myself away from the frenetic treadmill I am on with work and a very active social life. 

The reader was insistent that I allow myself proper tine to heal. She said I would probably not meet anyone this year and should make this year about me and  using my right brain more. 

She say it would be new beginnings in 2017 for me. She said there was most definitely a whirl wind romance which would provide a lasting loving connection in my future. She said the person in my future I would come as a big surprise to too.

She also saw new work where I would grow something and be well recompensed for it but that I didn’t need to try too hard as it would just come along. 


One thought on “The old man and the tomatoes 

  1. When I hear something like this about myself, I tend to process it, take whatever good advice I got and then forget all about it. Eventually if something does happen as ‘predicted’, it will instantly remind you of it 🙂

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