Let’s hope that was my last slump for a while. 

Last week, in the middle of my funk, I was at the station and the big screen was showing a picture of my old friend Colin Vearncombe -I was his team leader for a year on a landmark course. Colin sang “wonderful life”. It’s the only one he’s known for , but has become iconic . Colin has very sadly been in a car crash and is in a coma which he is not expected to recover from. 

Far from putting me in a worse mood, it was exactly the kick up the backside I needed to remind me that I am alive and have so many reasons to be grateful.

On Friday we had a full day’s offsite training for the hundreds of people   who work for our company and one of the sessions was called “how to be brilliant”.  It wasn’t actually about how to be brilliant but about how to be happy. Whilst people around me were acting like planning for your happiness, practising gratitude and chosing to be a 2%er – one of those upbeat people – was news, I learnt only two things. One that you have four minutes in order to make a lasting impression on someone’s day and the second that I take all my training and learning in this area for granted. 

I went up to him afterwards and said I felt there was something disingenuous about the “paint on a smile ” school of positive psychology and that I preferred Jung’s idea that when you are miserable you should invite it in, look at it, process it. He agreed with me that it was over simplified but he had only had an hour.

Then we went on to have the best evening. Me and my team swept the board for awards including innovation of the year and I also won Business Leader of the Year. 

I spent most of the weekend continuing the declutter process and reclaiming my home. 

2016 is my year.


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