I’m fascinated by what makes you tick.

How can you still be thinking of a life with me when you live in a country which means you have to get a visa from the government to visit mine, when message after message on a daily basis goes unread by me, or read and ignored, when the last time I had any communication with you was 5 months ago?  

What kind of fantasy world do you live in where you think you are in love with someone you have never met?

How can the very act of-unblocking you, be for you a sign that you should still harbour hope in my direction? How often do you check if I’m there and have unblocked you, that the day I do so you come leaping up with several more messages about how you can’t forget me?

So last night overcome by curiosity, I unblocked you on whatsapp – up you sprang so I blocked you again. I then sat up for an hour reading all those messages and listening to all those recordings you had sent me which I ignored utterly at the time. All the same. Protestations of undying love and assertions that I don’t believe you and/or am frightened of you.

 Those assertions are what had led me to respond to you in the past. My indignation that just because you think you love me that my unwillingness to engage is because I don’t believe you

I am just not interested in you. 

Is it your culture, your previous arranged marriage which makes you not understand that? That any woman pursued by a man should immediately feel the same?

I don’t think you are doing it to other people because remember at Christmas your sister rang me and said I should give you a chance!

I understand obsessive love. I don’t understand this. 

How ironic that of all the dodgy websites I have been on to meet men the one which yields the true oddball is Linked in!


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